Monday, March 21, 2011

Kudos To Jail Escapees.

You know in the old movies where a guy whittles away at concrete with a tooth brush handle to make a hole in the wall of a jail cell, then digs a tunnel for a few hundred feet that leads to freedom?  First off, I'm here to say that after all that work the guy probably deserves to be let go...and secondly, the guards should be thrown in jail for not knowing the work was happening.

I knocked out a 24" round by 6" deep hole in our basement on Saturday to install a sump pump hole, and let me tell you...even with a sledge and shovel and no worries about someone hearing me it is a TON of work.

Not to mention digging a hole 30" deep.  The good news is, I now have a sump hole, the even better news is still dry...for now.

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