Friday, December 03, 2010

Sometimes I Don't Photograph People.

Many of you know I have a side business off our photography business called "HIS Signature".  It is an outlet for my artwork photography.  For most of my life I took pictures just for my own enjoyment, until the day someone told me they would pay good money for some of the work I had done.

That started with the famous Snow Barn picture and now had taken a life of it's own.  Today I am home with the 2 younglings as Steph and one of her girlfriends took off for MLPS.  I caught a glimpse of a blue jay outside and I grabbed my camera to get a shot and the bird never really gave me the opportunity to get a great shot, so I just started snapping off photos.

I was once told you are drawn to photograph things you love...that's why we all have pictures kids, family, vacations, our motorcycles, etc. pasted all over our homes, offices and computer desktops.

Well, I love my drums and today I photographed them...artistically.  If you want to look at the pictures they are HERE...just click on this text...I know of about 2 loyal readers that are also drummers that will follow this link.  For the rest of you I owe you the 45 seconds of life you took to read this post.

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