Thursday, October 28, 2010

Weekend Forecast

MLPS...MOA...WOA...REI...800-Hockey store...I'm sure I'll make Steph and the kids hit my favorite music/drum store and a photography store too.

If you knew where we are going by the first 4 acronyms you probably lived in Minneapolis at some point...or you go there way too often.
Truth be told we are going to make good on a promise to Maxim.  He has worked his tail off to keep his reading skills where they should be.  All summer he would put down what he was doing to work on his reading.

We promised him a trip to LegoLand at the Mall of America if he stayed diligent.  He did.  We are following up on our end of the deal.  He hasn't been there since he was 1 week old!  He has seen pictures. 

The worst thing is...I got on the MOA website and it shows that LegoLand is under a renovation.  He was heartbroke.  There is a store open, but it's not the same.  We will have to go after Christmas sometime too.

Maxim is a very hard working kid and this will be a weekend all about FUN...MAXIM-STYLE.  Legos, Star Wars and the Waterpark of America.  His favorite things.

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