Thursday, August 05, 2010

Happy Anniversary LHP...

LakeHaus Productions is now a year old...give or take a little bit.  Technically we had the tax id number earlier in 2009 than August, but last August is when it really took off and now it is going like a 4 year old hopped up on Red Bull.  (Wait I have one of those already, now we have 2?)

Steph and I talked about having a "One Year Anniversary Open "Haus" some weekend at our home, but we are so busy with LHP work that we don't have a free weekend until late September.

We have been blessed to say the least, we started this thing to maybe pick up a little extra cash now and then, and it has turned into a full-fledged photography, video, graphic design and Internet business, with side projects and a couple extremely large assignments that will last over 2 years.

So just in case we don't have that OpenHaus for LakeHaus...thank you to all who have made this thing it through baby sitting, helping clean up or giving us business ideas, you are all very much appreciated.

Also, we would like to welcome our first part time employee.  She went from model to "photography assistant/kid wrangler/model", and her name is Morgan K.  Morgan has been our go to baby sitter for a while and a week ago she helped us on a family photo shoot and she rocked it.  She holds the flash, the diffuser, fixes hair and clothes and makes kids smile...she will also be logging a lot of time at the State Fair at our booth in the South Dakota Marketplace (where you buy milk and shakes).

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