Saturday, June 13, 2009

A funny thing happened on the way to Kansas City...

First off I want to say that my wife is the most understanding person I know...aside from my folks who we pawned our kids off on for an extra day this weekend.

Steph's high school reunion has been on our planner for a few months now, and it happens tonight in the heart of downtown Kansas City at some trendy restaurant. A bunch of her girlfriends have been planning their reunion on for a while, and I was looking forward to putting faces and names together, to go with all the stories that Steph tells me.

Thursday was going as planned until I got on a conference call, and it seems like a weird schedule of vacations, business travel and my willingness to do anything as an employee that could help the company landed me in Montana for the weekend and into Monday afternoon.

I called Steph and passed the news to her and she was excited. I was dumbfounded. She wanted to come with, and since we already had Grandma Penny and Grandpa Bob taking the boys and the Fasts looking after little Kolby it made total sense.

So we left yesterday, hiked around Devil's Tower, today we are hitting Yellstone NP (my company serves YNP and I have work to do in the park), we are also going to do some rock climbing in the area. Tomorrow morning we are climbing in the Bozeman area and I have to do a little work on Sunday, and then a bunch on Monday...then driving home.

Steph said she would rather hang out with me in the mountains and go rock climbing, hiking and do some shopping in Bozeman than go to some stuffy Kansas City reunion to listen to people brag about how great their life turned out.

I was totally ready to be MR. STEPHANIE DECKER/GLANZER for a weekend, but instead thanks to my super fun job, we get to tour around Montana....together this time. It's nice for me to travel with my wife for work...did I mention that our kids are back in SD? Boy we will miss them by Monday.

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