Monday, April 27, 2009

Been Watching You...

I know that as a father, your kids are watching everything you do, and usually right in the middle of everything you are trying to do. Most of the time that is OK, but this weekend I was setting some of the final tiles on the steps. (yes, there was still some tile to be set...notice I said FINAL)

Laying tile is kind of a "concentration type job" as once you set it, it is there for life, so you don't want to mess anything up, and it seems Brecken wanted to be there for the historic moment of Daddy finally finishing the tile.

He was crawling on me, and messing with my tools, and pretty much in the way. Steph noticed this and said, "Brecken will you help me with the laundry?" His little bottom lip pushed out and you could tell he was pretty hurt that daddy really didn't need his help. In a split second, this whole Rodney Atkins song went through my head, and I whispered in Brecken ear, "you tell mommy you can't, because you are busy helping daddy."

He stood up and said, "Mommy, I can't, I help daddy!"

I gave him some orders on how to help me, and he did them just like I asked. I went out to cut some tile, and didn't see him for a minute.

Then I saw what he was up to. He was asking for his "lizard hat" and a pencil...and a tape measure. It was one of those moments when you realize how important it is to be a good example to your kids.

Steph took a couple of pictures and it made my day to see my "little bear" doing everything I did.

For the record, I changed Kolby's diaper that day and fed her as well, and Maxim and I went out for a great kayak trip, and then fished for an hour or so while Brecken slept. This 3 kid thing is work.

Here is the "Watching You" song by Rodney Atkins.

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Anonymous said...

Just remember, son, your kids are the only "earthly possession" you can take to heaven with you!!

Your Dad