Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Papa Got A Brand New...knee?

So Papa Bob underwent the knife this morning.

He now joins the likes of Mary Lou Retten, Angela Lansbury, and countless other baby boomers who need help making it into their golden years by getting a shiny new titanium knee.

The surgery went great and the Docs say he should be rolling around on the floor with the boys by the end of the week.

So for all those of you who in jest told Bob at one point in his life, "See you later, when your legs are straighter." Well, the next time you see him will be that time!

Here is a video of what they did to his knee.


aaron said...

what?? they turned him into an old woman walking down some stairs? Poor Uncle Bob. :(

Jon and Ann said...

Aaron that is hilarious, I don't think any got your joke.

Anonymous said...

Well, the ordeal is over...I can't go back now. Everything seems to be going well and on schedule. As the swelling goes down, I should get more flexiblity and the therapy sessions will be easier. No Aaron they did not turn me into an old woman...but the walker sure makes you think about nursing home and all the other issues of old age. I had a great experience at Avera/McKennan in SF. The staff was great. The only hitch was that at least three people told us on Tuesday that we should not worry about my suitcase and other personal belongings. They assured us that when I got to my room after surgery everything would be there. Well, after 3 or 4 queries late in the day. (not wanting to be a "pain") One "techincian" (they don't call them "aids" anymore) finally took Penny down to a room where there was a room full of personal belongings, including my suitcase!!! I heard later in the week that apparently Avera is gearing up to purchase some major airline!!!