Thursday, October 23, 2008

Class Pictures.

As I look back on some of my school pictures I think I took some of the funniest my first grade picture just off to the right...classic school picture, you have seen that one on the blog before.

Maxim got his kindergarten pictures back this week...he looks completely normal. Not that I am disappointed or expected any different, but my pictures were always laughable...Maxim gets his photogenic traits from Steph...every one of her school pictures looks like a Glamour Shot.

So here they are, side by side, Maxim's kindergarten picture and his dad's kindergarten picture.


Anonymous said...

Now that's one cute picture of both of you. Granted you could have used a different hairdo or maybe just a comb that morning. I also love that little macrame necklace I made for you. I was into that and was tying all kinds of things together. Those velour shirts were pretty cool too. Well anyway I thought you were cute and I loved you, and that hasn't changed. Mom

Anonymous said...

Ahh Mom, What wonderful words you had for Tom. made me cry! I know I had some pretty crazy pictures, what with all that curly hair!! What does one do!! Nice Picture, Max. You look so grown up!! Love Sally