Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dropping to a knee...Scotty-Style

(a little poem to celebrate Scotty F. getting engaged)

You might know this gent by his other names,
Scooter, Waldo or Scotty, it's all the same,
He's the bachelor that could never settle down,
And he is known by everyone in every town.

He always has time for a visit or a chat,
And he usually is wearing that colorful number 24 hat.
Although he loves Jeff Gordon we still think he's cool,
But if Kasey Kahne saw him he would bump draft him into a pool.

Then a few years ago he met this girl named Stephanie from the Falls,
And ever since he met her, his mother says he never calls.
A year ago he brought her to meet the family tree,
She wasn't scared of us, she actually liked Skipper, and me.

Scotty was smitten with her we all could tell that,
She even went to the races and let him wear that dumb Jeff Gordon hat.
So now some months later their love has grown,
And as Aaron said, "the family blog must let to the world be known..."

That at the NASCAR race last week in K.C.
Scotty dropped to a knee,
and said, "Stephanie, my love, will you marry me?"

Skipper and Nate caught her as she felt a little faint,
The green flag dropped and some cars traded paint,
She couldn't speak for almost an entire lap around the track,
Then she stood on her own, and answered him back...

She said, "yes", and the crowd cheered on through,
Scotty and Linda hugged Steph, and Amy did too.
He gave her the ring that he had held onto so tight,
The race went on and they all celebrated that night.

Yes, this poem is somewhat true,
He sent me a text message so I could tell you.
Waldo is engaged and we all send congrats to he and his friend
Now Linda won't have to do his wash each weekend.

(jeff gordon is a loser, KASEY KAHNE RULES!)


Anonymous said...

he really proposed though the headsets they were listening to the race in. he's lucky he didn't have any trouble finding the ring. a couple of buddies were messing with the cooler he had the ring in. if we would have only found it. but her face turned pretty red when she found out he was serious

Anonymous said...

Tom that was brilliant!! You made me smile!! Scott should be proud! Sal

Anonymous said...

Tom I quit washing his clothes a long time ago. Long before I knew about NASCAR. I am sure glad I went to the race I wouldn't of wanted to miss that moment. I must say that was the hilight of my weekend in Kasnas City.
PS Any idea who won the race?

Anonymous said...

Tom, thanks for the blog on myself. Yea I do my own laundry thank you very much Tom. Yea Skip you are lucky you didn't mess with the ring. I would have been very very upset. Glad sister and brother in law and mom and dad and uncle were there to see it. I've never seen her face so red. Thanks again Tom for the poem.

glanzer77 said...

Yeah, I didn't know anything about doing the wash...it just rhymed nicely!

So Scooter what weekend do we have to keep open???