Friday, August 01, 2008


I spent the last half of the week working in the Aberdeen and and Webster area...on early Thursday morning they got hit with a pretty nasty storm. 112 mph straight line winds for an extended period of time.

We had power out at several different towns, but Webster was the worst hit, and some customers are still out today (Saturday). Being in town right after the storm reminded me a lot of Spencer's tornado. Everyone was just walking around looking at broken stuff. (I'd put pictures up on the site, but I'm too lazy)

I actually like the emergency communications side of my job, there is a lot of energy and the days go super fast...but I don't get to see my family.

So on Friday night when I got home the boys wanted to wrestle and play...Steph had set up the slip-and-slide, and within 5 minutes of pulling in the driveway I had a swimming suit on and was flying down a sheet of plastic filled with freezing cold water. A great way to start the weekend off. The boys loved it when I threw them down the slide like bowling balls. We ate at the lake restauraunt with Papa Penny, as Brecken would call them...they are kind of like one person to him. Today is their 40th wedding anniversary. The prime rib was stellar.

We hung out on the deck for the rest of the evening enjoying some natural air conditioning, and capped the night off with a skateboard session on our halfpipe with Uncle Jim and Aunt Linda watching the boys show off.

We have some friends coming from Sioux Falls this evening, so should be a party for the rest of the weekend.

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