Monday, August 18, 2008


The whole first day of school turned out to be a pretty big non-event for Steph and I. I walked him in, dropped off his backpack and turned him loose on the playground. He found a buddy and was GONE. Didn't even wait to give me a hug or anything.

Here is the first day of school photo, and yes that is another black eye. His right eye just healed up and is no longer black, and on Saturday night he ran into some lumber. I promise that is how it happened...I am seriously worried about people thinking we beat the kid, but both incidents happened at Grandma Penny's so I guess she has an unsafe home.

So starts the journey....oh yeah, can click on the picture for a BIG version of it.


Anonymous said...

Aunt Sally also clicked on the picture to enlarge it!! What a handsome, not to mention, very Happy little kindergarten!! He has found his niche!! Happy First Day Max!!! Love Aunt Sally

Anonymous said...

Well Grandma Penny took him to school today, Wed. and I did get a kiss and a hug, but I got out of the car to let him out and got down on his level and asked for one. But we did forget to spike the hair this morning. Sorry. But he was handsome anyway. Grandma Penny