Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day Weekend.

We had a brilliant weekend at the Living On Liquid home front.

Deck & stairs building, boat lift floating and installing, kayaking, cage wrestling in the trampoline, horse riding, shooting gophers with a Red Ryder BB gun, Kathy's (AKA - ByronBum) world famous grilled walleye, no wind, temps over 75, and a great Father's Day present from an unlikely source.

Saturday was an amazing day, no wind and warm...I was busy building some steps and a deck landing into the boat house when I noticed a motorcycle pull up to the house and this tall, helmet wearing, "yellow-coated" person gets off. For a minute I thought the guy had the wrong house or something.

Then the helmet came off and it was my buddy Brian Wipf (AKA - HUB). He rolled out to Byron on his new Suzuki V-Strom.

Brian and I go way back to my first real job, he and his family lived just down the street from us and I always looked up to him and his brother as they were and still are great athletes. Hub is like 4 or so years older than me and we worked at the City Water Department together. Which means we drove around in a yellow pick up for a summer.
One day we were conserving gas or something over our lunch hour, and I jumped on the back of his motorcycle. He popped a little wheelie, and the little backrest bar behind me snapped, and I got dropped right there in the middle of 3rd little scratch on my elbow was all I got.
I don't think our folks ever knew about it until a few months ago when I blogged about it. Sorry, Verlie and Bob. I am sure you 2 did some dumb stuff growing up too.
Anyway Brian gives me this great Father's Day gift...he used to ride and race the non-motorized version of bikes and he had all this great gear left from those days, and he brought me a couple of jerseys and coats. I can't tell you how excited I was to get this stuff from a real bike athlete, thanks HUB, hope the hot dog and chips paid the bill!
I wanted to jump on my bike right then and there with the new gear, but I had work to do...I am a little dissapointed that I won't be able to wear the coats until the weather gets a little cooler.

We talked bikes and motorcycles for a couple hours and just caught up...something I think we don't do enough with old friends. So thanks to HUB for spending the $.96 in gas it took the V-Strom to get to the lake and back. Nice bike buddy. Have fun in Montana, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Arkansas and where ever your 15,000 miles of travels takes you this summer.


Tman said...

Hub WAS???? a cyclist? That fool better get back on the MTB and come visit in Rapid City!@ with love, Trent

Anonymous said...

I forgot about this until tonight, i was in hyvee and saw Vickie S. and the boys and she mentioned it to me. Look, i'm famous!!!

Yup, it was a great day. Nothing like laxin' at the lake on a perfectly calm day.

I leave tomorrow for arkansas, i think, and when i get back i will be much slimmer. being 90 down there all next week and you know how humid it is, i'll loose a good 10 pounds. I can dream can't i??