Thursday, May 15, 2008

Screaming + Puking = Lots Of Coffee

Last night was one of those nights where you kind of wish you slept so hard you don't hear a thing. Unfortunately for me, I hear everything.

Brecken started the night off right At about 1:30 am he wakes up screaming...not any words, not light cries of need for his mommy...straight horror movie-type screams. 5 minutes later he is still screaming so Steph goes to get him and the screaming ensues for another half hour. Finally he settles down. I'm back to sleep.

2:30 am I hear the pitter-patter of Maxim's feet...then those words that test every parents athletic ability. "Mommy, I'm gonna throw up." Steph picks him up like a football avoids the pile of clothes and my gym bag that I leave lying around, and runs him into the bathroom...spiking his head in the toilet like a running back celebrating a touchdown just in time for the full puke in the bowl. (ESPN's da-da-daa...da-da-daa was playing in the background as this is a Top 10 play of the night)

Brecken was still in our bed from his scream-a-thon, so Maxim wanted to go back to his own bed. So Steph sets up his room for the full barf on the bed or floor experience, equipped with a garbage can, just in case his 5 year old mind thinks..."Hey, I'll save the carpet some wear and tear by puking into this trash receptacle." Yeah, right.

Brecken gets put back into his own bed around 3:00 am, and I fall back to sleep...3:30 am another pitter-patter and the unforgettable sound of "chicken noodle puke" hitting the carpet. Steph tended to the boy, I cleaned. At 4:30 am I was using Resolve and our carpet spot remover vacuum to clean up the evidence. I am sure I set a new standard for cleaning up crime scenes, but I can't stand the thought of germs.

After my Martha Stewart moment, I was wide awake, so I pulled a blanket and pillow and watched a re-run of WEC Wreckage cage fighting on Versus. I think I slept 2 hours on the couch. I'm on my 3rd cup of coffee this morning.

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