Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hockey Rituals

A couple nights ago in the coaches locker room a buddy and I were talking about hockey rituals...things we do prior to stepping on the ice, whether it be playing, coaching, reffing or just skating.

Some of the things I do I have no idea why I started them, but I still do them today.

Here is the list:

Most important is my number always number 7, (Paul Coffey's number) although my freshman year of college I had to be 14 for the first year, because a senior already had I went with the sum of two number 7's.

I also write the number 7 on my stick handle, and the bottom of my skates.

White tape on the blade of my stick...because Paul Coffey did.

My shin pads are always super tight to my legs, either with tape or "shin-tights"...can't stand floppy shin pads.

I dress left to right...left skate, right skate.

Helmet is never buckled when I step on the ice.

Maybe the most important ritual that I do is "the spit"...when I step on the ice I step on with one foot and push off with the other and before that skate touches the ice I spit on the's my way of becoming one with the ice. I have taught Maxim that ritual as well, and my buddy asks Maxim every time he sees him on the ice if he has spit on the ice yet.

The other ritual in college that I used to abide by was pre-games I would eat at Subway...6" club on every time I eat one of those sandwiches...I think of hockey.

I'm so hungry for Subway right now!


Anonymous said...

what planet was you born on????

Anonymous said...

You forgot about wearing the jersey tucked in on the right side like Wayne Gretzke. Mom

Anonymous said...

You also forgot about talking your grampa Walt into taking you out to TacoJohn's after every practice for: two hardshells, nochos, and an extra order of cheeze!!! DAD