Monday, December 10, 2007

Things you don't say to your wife...

Great weekend for the fam...we spent most of it in the house.

Steph and I played with the kids, we let the dogs come in the house to play with the boys.

We did venture out on Saturday for some fun in the snow.

The hockey game went good on Sunday night...nobody cried, and Maxim kind of scored a goal...I think it was already going to cross the line when he hit it in...BUT he was there, and in the scorer's sheet he would have got the credit!

I leave you with a video from a comedian that is coming to Huron in March. He will be at the Sould Out Center...super funny guy, and this song is so true.

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Mark said...

Sadly the video is no longer available and so we go about ours lives without specific direction living dangerously