Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A Little Vacation From Typing.

Sorry, that was a long pause between posts, and apparently it didn't go unnoticed...Verlie the Great ran me down on Sunday, almost in tears, asking why I wasn't writing anymore. So I promised him the blog would go on.

We have been very busy getting things ready for "opening day" weekend. Memorial is the true kick off for most northern lake dwelling folks (so we are told), and we have 13 people coming to the house on Wednesday. Bad new is...the weather according to KELO-LAME is supposed to be rotten, oh well.

The boat house looks super, new paint, mom's old kitchen cabinets, and some scrubbing...it's a place I like to hang out...it's like a screened in porch on the water.

I'm ready for summer...you can just feel the fun of summer getting ready to explode...especially when you talk to people who have kids in school or teach school. The last week is like a formality to satisfy G.W. Bush's master plan...so that no child is left behind.

I remember how end of the year field trips rocked, but I saw the most pointless field trip yesterday...the teacher took them to Wal-Mart...like...OH...we might have this problem with American kids not knowing how a retail store works. Those might be the children that are left behind.

I think we should just cancel the last week of school, the teachers don't want to be there, the kids don't want to be there...just end school a week earlier. But then again the new last week of school would be just like the current last week of school. Catch 22.

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verlie said...

Yaheeeeeeeeeeee, way to go Tommy, I sure enjoy your blogs. Don't make me wait so long nor beg so much next time.

I can relate that Memorial Day is opening Day for Lake Byron. Fifty years ago, yes five zero, we used to get together and carry a diving platform that Sidney Gross and Company welded together and we would start the summer swimming season. Some of the good divers would have fun, then the poorer ones like me would "belly flop" and go home with a sore RED belly.

Keep up the blogging.