Monday, April 23, 2007

Star Wars Kid

Maxim is completely obsessed with all things Star Wars...I can't blame him, I still find my wallet caught in a "tractor beam" anytime I see something Star Wars related.

I was online looking for a Stormtrooper Pirate Flag for the flag pole by the boat house, and/or attached to the roof of Maxim and Brecken's swing set...that's another story...anyway, I ran across probably the most famous piece of video ever, on the Al Gore invention that we now call the Internet.
"Star Wars Kid" I am pretty sure this is one of the first videos I ever saw on the Internet...and might be one of the funniest as well. Turns out this portly little soul was teased beyond belief for his unwelcome Internet fame.

Some things you didn't know about him, that I find interesting...Ghyslain Raza is his name, he's from Canada, and his "light sabre" is a golf ball retriever! He cut the video at his high school video department and left the tape...a few months later some classmates found it and posted it on rest is history. His parents helped him sue the 4 kids responsible and late last year they were awarded around $300,000 Canadian.

Not bad money for a little humilition in front of the world...but then again that's only about $267,000 American...take out $95,950 for lawyer fees...and about half in taxes, and the kid has enough for about 2 years of college!


Brent said...

In all of our Star Wars playing days why did we not record one of us doing this and make a cool $300grand ourselves...because you know....we all looked that same way!!

Brent said...

Did you hear?? Ted Nugent is coming the SD State Fair this Year!