Monday, January 22, 2007

Learning To Walk...

Our boys are almost exactly 4 years apart, and both of them are dealing with the same problem...staying on their feet.

Brecken has taken those "first steps", the ones that look like what Andy Capp might have, after another long night at the pub.

It happened a few days ago, Steph helped him stand...and weeble, wobble...gravity. He has been trying a lot lately, but yesterday we were playing on the floor while watching Da Bears, and Brecken pulled himself up next to the coffee table and took 3 solid steps to didn't even dawn on me that he walked until he got to my arms.

Maxim has been picking himself up a lot more as well, but picking yourself up off the ice is way more work.

Mini-mite hockey is winding down, and I am so proud of my team...they went from not knowing how to skate, to all being able to skate forward and backwards, and some can even stop.

Maxim is one of the youngest on the ice, but is doing great. Some days he isn't as excited about going to the rink as I am, but that goes away when he gets into the locker room with his buddies. After his skating progression took away the need to skate with a chair, it was time to introduce the hockey stick/cane.

Mini-mites have a tendency to use the stick as a crutch, which is fine, but when they fall the yard sale ensues. If they only loose their stick it takes about 2 minutes for them to pick it back up, but if they loose a glove or 2, or a mouthpiece (I've even had a kid loose a shin pad!) it could take the remainder of practice to gather all the equipment and get the kid back on their feet.

Maxim was one of those kids for about 3 practices. Then last week something clicked and he started jumping back up and usually held on to his stick. It is fun to see progression in your children.

I know both of them are frustrated right now at times while learning their new skills, but to tell you the truth, I don't remember not knowing how to walk, and all I remember about skating, is that we only did it during winter, I loved it back then, and still do.

I did some quick math and I bet on average I spend between 12 to 18 hours a week at the rink or on the ice.

I guess that's why Steph is looking forward to spring...Brecken should be walking by then...she will need some help.

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