Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Move In Date Has Been Set...

So last night, over dinner, at my parents kitchen table, Steph and my dad "shook hands" on the date Steph said we would move into the lake house. Dad either didn't think it could be done in that time period, or he just wants the boys around the house a bit longer. My money is on Steph's prediction. She has a way of "moving" projects along.

I was the innocent by-stander during this fun exchange. I was not involved, more like not committed either way. Committed is what the pig was to the plate of bacon and eggs you ordered this morning at the local "Greasy Spoon". I'm more like the chicken...just involved.

The kitchen will not be done before we move in, so it will be sort of like camping in a house. We will have a "dorm fridge", a microwave, a crock pot, and the "Man Kitchen"...aka...the grill. I'm not worried about the arrangement, in fact, it will help the building process. It is much easier to just fall into bed when I am done instead of driving back into town to the basement.

So that brings up the rundown of things to be done. Last night I dropped in the venting runs and put the rest of the supplemental "pink board" under the floor joists. Tonight I will brave the crawl space, and hook it all up and heat will be delivered. That leads into the laying of the tougue and groove 3/4 inch subfloor and the floor, for a while, will be done. We will tile the entire room so I think I can put that off until December! Steph will want it done before Christmas. The electrical will be roughed in by Saturday. I have to teach a hockey referee clinic all day Sunday in Sioux Falls, 3 months ago it seemed like a good idea, now I don't even know where my skates are!

Steph has rented a floor sander and edger for the wood floor in the living room, so we can get that finished, and carpet comes on Thursday? I think. Some local legend by the name of "Goldie" is laying the carpet. Apparently, according to Debbie at the Carpet Center, he is our family's carpet-layer. Now, I knew we had a family doctor, dentist and vet, but didn't know about the family carpet-layer. It's like our own little Beadle County Mafia, and the fact that the carpet store lady knew this was amazing.

Oh yeah, the move in date...October 13-14. After that weekend, I have 5 days to get things in order before I leave for Chicago for a couple days and Steph's folks come to town for the OPENER. Pheasant Opener. I think a few days of pheasant killing will be good for my soul.

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