Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The boys and their "Stay-at-home-with-your-mother-in-law-super-mommy"

So Steph has been retired from the banking industry for about 3 weeks, and she has slid into "stay-at-home-momness" like anyone who leaves a beautiful home in a familar city to live in a new town in her husband's parent's basement. (My brother-in-law Brad did a similar stay in the Bob and Penny Glanzer basement upon returning from Alaska...and he turned out mostly fine, so we are not real worried about Steph.)

Anyway, Steph and the boys spend most of the day playing superheros (Maxim is Dash from the Incredibles and Steph IS Elastagirl), cooking and organizing all of my t-shirts, hats and shorts that I leave in a pile the night before, and soaking in every waking moment of Brecken's little life. They take in the library, go on walks, change diapers, feed Sneezy (the goldfish)...and did I mention that Huron has a Wal-Mart now??? Nothing says high fashion like an afternoon stroll through the sparkling aisles of the Mecca to "BETTER CRAP THAN KMART".

Some may say I have stripped this urban Kansas City beauty queen of her high class life, but I think she digs it...except the living with my folks part. That may be the reason why she has my dad's bullwhip in one hand, and my toolbelt in the other when I get home from a hard day at the Electricity Factory slaving over a keyboard looking for good deals on more outdoor gear I don't need at

I promise my next post will include an update on the house and the work that has been kicked out in the last 3 is shaping up nicely.

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